My story and thanks

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11/14/2017 12:02pm
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I am leaving this forum and hopefully for good. My concern started 1 month back with my moles. I noticed one being a bit odd in the shower and freaked out a little. Naturally for me i started googling (bad choice as most will tell you). I had several sleepless nights and started loosing weight due to pure anxiety. I felt somehiw how i was going to die. I consulted two nurses, one specialised in moles of which bith told me not to worry and watch for change and the one specialised in moles referred me to a dermatologist. During the time (1 month) that i had to wait for the appointment my life was pure misery (not exaggerating). I didn't eat i didn't sleep all i got some comfort out of was googling my symptoms. I had convinced myself i was dying. Any sign of cancer git me thinking about it. But then somewhere along the line i realised how pointless worrying was and if i indeed was going to die i needed to appreciate life to it's fullest, And that is what i did. I enjoyed much great time with my family and friends and noticed the beautiful aspects of life. Yesterday the time finally came my appointment and in short: Nothing wrong. Like 100 kilograms falling off my shoulders. I didn't have cancer i wasn't going to die! But this post isn't about that. This post if for all of you on here. Wether batteling cancer yourselves or having someone close to you having melamoma. Remember to enjoy life to it's fullest no matter if you have 60 years or 60 days left of it cause one day we will all die and no one deserves to die regretting a single thing in their life. So instead of worrying do what makes you happy, do not let cancer beat you down. I am only 17 years old and hope to live another 70 good years and if i some day receive a cancer diagnosis i will fight it, and i will keep fighting until they throw dirt upon my hands and i hope you all can do the same and win your battles.

Thank you and goodbye.