Mycosis Fungoides/Sezary Syndrome

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6/13/2018 8:33pm
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My husband has had this horrible (whole body rash) since just before X-Mas.  He has seen 3 different Dr's in Tucson, AZ.  He has now seen another dermatologist (PA) in Sierra Vista, AZ.  Now his Primary has referred him to yet another dermatologist in SV, AZ.  It takes a month to month and a half to get in and see each new Dr.  This rash is driving him crazy.  He is weak, has no energy, has lost his appetite and lost c. 30 pounds since the beginning of the year.  We spent c. 3 hrs in town several days ago and he was in bed for 2 days.  So far the Dr's only seem to be trying to treat him topically.  No one has looked to see if it could be systemic.  This next Dr. is supposed to be able to do that.  His blood tests are not significantly off.  His RDW (sd) is 58.7 Range 38-49 and his RDW (cv) is 16.5 Range 11-15.  His segmented neutrophils are 79.1, no range given and, his LDH is 300.  Results of the LDH from 2011 forward have bounced around with 275 the highest reading till now.  In 2016 it was 225, in 2017-244, 2018-300 with a range of 112-245 given.  I realize those figures in and of themselves are not particularly alarming but am wondering if those results along with his symptoms could be indicative of Mycosis Fungoides or Sezary Syndrome, or something else just as scary.  Any input from anyone would be most appreciated.  Thank you.  PS.  Dr. P. will be seeing him tomorrow ( 06-14-2018).  Any input would still be appreciated.  By the way, he has a history of melanoma and mononucleosis (I believe the noncontagious type).