Need Advice on whether to do second biopsy

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11/22/2017 5:08pm
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First, I want to thank everyone on this site. It is a wealth of information and the compassion here is amazing. I posted yesterday about the accuracy of my biopsy results related to the streak in my nail. I got some great advice from Janner and polydad, then I received a call from my doctor today since I spoke with only the nurse yesterday. She said she was reassured that there was no cancer found, when I asked her what the cause of the pigmentation was she said “it is possible that the site of the pigmentation was so small that it was missed on the biopsy. Another option would be to remove part of the nail and repeat the biopsy.” Im flabbergasted, we had discussed removing the nail and on the day of the procedure she convinced me that she was confident we could biopsy only under the nail fold to determine what was causing the pigment. What should I do? I was already questioning the results and then she drops this on me. Is this common? Any thoughts would be appreciated, thank you!

Hello Anon, all i can say is, thats a tuff one, can i recommend following yer heart? i mean, my "Primary" mole stayed on my leg from lets say the year 2000 til 2008 when i finaly got fed up with its growth, from 2000 to about 2006 it stayed flat but got dark, black the by 2007 it started raising like a wart. So, all that time & i wasnt knowledgable about Melanoma, i coulda prevented 6 different surgeries since, and now another fight with tumors in my you really wanna gamble?

Im Melanoma and my host is Mike..