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10/11/2017 1:10pm
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Hello all ,

 My two year son has had a black mark on his big toe right foot for around 4 months I never gave it any concern, just thought it was a bruised toe when it was taken ages to go away again I just put it down to a bruised toe nail . My son had never indicated to me that he had ever hurt his toe , also at no point is it sore to touch red or inflamed. On Friday I noticed that it had changed shape it was now growing downwords towards the nail bed and actually at one point it's clearly on the nail skin fold  . So because It's clearly got bigger and it on his skin and not the nail I took him to see the nurse . She says it " looks not good " but will get a GP to have a look GP agrees she does say to me she has never had to refer a child this young to a specialist and explain to me he will need a biopsy.


so now I am terrified waiting on someone to contact me been told it won't take longer than two weeks but two hours right now is feeling like a life time . I have done some research and it's definitely not a streak more like a very poorly drawn and rough rectangle/circle it only comes past his nail on one point and it's no bigger than 3 mm . It's also a very dark deep black colour no other colours does fad very slightly when you look properly at it around the edges .

just looking for guidance advice tips help knowledge anything . Cheers 

Hi worried mum - I'm so sorry you are having to deal with this extra concern for your little guy! And I wish I had "guidance advice tips help knowledge" for you but I don't, although, I'm pretty sure everyone here can empathize with the waiting and those who are parents totally understand how you feel.  

Two small observations - your little boy is very lucky to have such an astute mom who would notice such a change and thank goodness the nurse and GP are having it checked out and not discounting it as just a bruise because of his age. Hoping for both of you that, ultimately, it IS nothing to worry about!!! 

Best wishes!!