Need hope and inspiration today!

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Jan in OC
2/5/2011 8:57pm
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Hi everyone, 

Just got back from taking my husband to the ER.  One of the dogs accidentally hit my husband on the right shoulder and we heard a crack. This is the shoulder with the mel in it (of course).  I rushed him to the ER hoping it was just dislocated.  No such luck.  His humerus bone is shattered.  But it is the weekend, so they just immobilized it and sent him home with pain meds.  Need to see an orthopedic surgeon ASAP (on Monday hopefully).   We were due to go to UCLA this week for another MRI and SRS  for his brain.   Don't know if we will have to postpone this.   He is in a lot of pain and very grouchy.  I just want to lock myself in the closet and have a small meltdown.  When we think things can't get worse, they do!  I know, just take a deep breath and one day at a time.  But it feels very lonely here. Happy thoughts are needed!!!!

Jan, wife to Dirk (our 22nd wedding anniversary was yesterday) 


Congrats on 22 years of marriage! Sorry that your dogs caused a break in the bones where the mel is.....wishing you a pain free or manageable anyways weekend and that the orthopedic doc can help you out Monday! Melanoma sucks!


Vermont_Donna, stage 3a


First a good cry is never a bad thing and it does sound like a rough day for you between injury and grouchiness.  This disease is tough on all but we all now the caregivers take on soo much, allow yourself that cry maybe follow up with a chocolate or drink to celebrate your Anniversary - congrats on 22 years!    Good luck with orthopedic and I hope the pain killers help ease the pain until then.  Good luck!