New IL12 treatment for those who fail Keytruda alone

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11/9/2017 3:32pm
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More info on this trial: "The phase 2 results showed that the patients in the trial that took the combo therapy (ImmunoPulse IL-12 and Keytruda) achieved a 57% progression-free survival rate at 15 months. That is pretty impressive, especially when you consider the fact that these patients didn't respond at all with an anti-PD-1 alone. What's even better is the fact that 11 out of 11 or 100% of the patients had a duration of response. In addition, the median PFS has not yet been reached. If the long-term data continues to improve, then this biotech will continue to gain value. In addition, I can see Merck either partnering with OncoSec or outright acquiring it. As I note about the efficacy of the combination treatment, it is important to also state that it is very safe to take. The combination treatment not only works very well, but is highly tolerable for patients to take."