New Lung Nodules after initial response to Keytruda

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11/8/2017 8:52am
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Hello and best wishes to all on this board!

 I have been visiting this board since my initial dx 6/14 - stage 3, surgery to remove 2 cm. lymph node (left armpit ).

Progressed to stage 4 9/15, (surgery to remove left lung nodule).

I was doing well between 3 mo. CT scans. Then 2/17 two nodules in right lung grew by 50%. They were very slow growing, increasing from 6mm. to 9mm. & about 7 to 10mm. We decided to start Keytruda late Feb. this year

After 4 infusions my 3 mo. scan showed reduction of the nodules by 2/3 in early May!

3 mo. scan in Aug. showed 1 resolved & 1 stable, BUT a new 8mm. nodule (all in right lung).

I had to suspend the Keytruda  after 10 infusions in late Aug. due to severe joint pain & fatigue.

Now, last week's scan showed the new 8mm. nodule went to 34mm.! Plus a new 22mm. nodule!

My question is, has anyone experienced something like this after an initial response? Pseudo progression after 10 infusions? (Onc doesn't think so). Something benign?

My next step is an MRI of brain which has always been clear- well of Mel. anyway lol. And a needle biopsy of the large lung nodule. Then on to Yervoy or a trial.

Thanks in advance for any replies, and all the great information on this board!

My thoughts and prayers go out to all those and their families fighting this disease!

Thanh you again!


It’s possible that these are non-cancerous lung nodules, although I’m not sure how likely those are while on Keytruda. A pretty significant number of healthy people have lung nodules that are benign. I would ask your doctor If there’s a way to confirm that these are in fact cancerous if you are otherwise having a positive response to Keytruda. 

Sorry I hadn’t read the second half of your post when I responded. I hope these are benign, but also know there are treatment modalities out there for dealing with local lung mets. 

Thank you for the reply!

I have been researching pseudo-progression associated with melanoma and find that it has occurred at the 28 wk. mark. The reason I posted this question is that previously my nodules were very slowly growing (50% per 3 mo.) and now new ones quadrupled. This has also been referred to as "flare-up". I have a needle biopsy scheduled for 11/17. Hopefully the results will not be active cells!