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10/13/2010 11:41am
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Hi.  I am a new user who has a friend who found this site extremely helpful and informative.  It has been recommended to my husband that he participate in a clinical trial with the drug mek kinase.  Does anyone have any experience with this?  We are in Canada.  

Thank you so much!

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I have no help for you, but wanted to welcome you to the BB...You will find many people who have had lots of experience and lots of knowledge that can possible help you.

Take Care,

Sherron, wife to Jim

Thank you so much Sherrron!  I really appreciate your reply and kind words.

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MEK kinase inhibitors are a group of drugs. Do you know which one was suggested?

Some inhibitors which are currently investigated in clinical trials:






I just post these drug names here so that maybe someone who has experience with it will recognize a name...

Thank you very much!  We are meeting with the doctor again tomorrow so I will be sure to ask and update the post.

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Hi - we found out today that our clinical trial (if my husband was approved to participate) is GSK 1120212 in combination with BKM 120. Do you have any information about that? Anything would help and thank you ! donswife.

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My husband is on this trial, at Princess Margaret!  Feel free to contact me directly if you want more info.