Is new pain ever good sign on ipi/nivo combo?

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6/17/2017 6:19pm
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Hey everyone,

i just had my fourth round of ipi/nivo just under a week ago and now experiencing pain in the area of my lung that has tumors. My onc is informed and monitoring me.   Just curious if this ever means something good is happening from the ipi/nivo. For those of you that responded, what did it feel like to have your tumors attacked by your immune system? 



Anonymous - (6/17/2017 - 6:54pm)

It is common for tumors to enlarge a bit in the beginning, it's like an inflammatory response to the drugs working in them, so it's possible to feel some discomfort if that is happening. 

Hi Monica,

I had two infusions of the ipi/nivo combo before I had any side effects.  My tumors started shrinking after the first infusion.  i didn't have any pain.  Everyone's experience is so different.  I know that usually tumors swell before they shrink.  Maybe it's possible you are experiencing some pain due to the swelling?  I had only one met on my lung base.  Maybe some places are more painful?  I had many subcutaneous tumors, kidney, adrenal gland and brain.

I think it is very good that you were able to tolerate all four infusions.  Best wishes to you.