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6/3/2014 12:54pm
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Diagnosis:   Dysplastic Melanocytic Nevus, Compound Type

Comment:  A lateral edge is positive for neoplasm.  Deep edges appear free of neoplasm.  Re-excision is suggested in order to perform additional analysis and to ensure that this proliferation has been removed from the patient.

Microscopic Description:  A compound type melanocytic nevus is present demonstrating architerctural disorder as well as some cytologic atypia.  Immunostain MART-1 stains melanocytes at the dermo-epidermal junction as well as in the dermis.

Tomorrow I go for the re-excision.  He also said that he may take other moles off.  This is my 2nd excision after another atypical mole, although the first one was worse and he said the excision for this one will be smaller.  I'm tired of being cut on and need a break after this.  Can I tell my doctor that?  Any thoughts on my path report?

Janner - (6/3/2014 - 1:34pm)

YOU are in charge.  You are unlikely to have other melanomas - less than 10% of the melanoma population ever do.  Suggest to your doctor that you or he take pictures.  Remove things that CHANGE.  This is a money making business for him, you know.  If you don't feel like something has changed and don't have anything you feel is changing or overly suspicious, then say you see no reason to have it removed.  This is your body.  Truthfully, I do not rely on my doctor to find anything.  I TELL him which lesions I find suspicious, we look at them together.  Look at past photographs and see if they have changed.  Then we make the decision together to remove.  But basically, I know going into my appointment if I'm going to have a biopsy or not.  To date, my doc has not found anything that I have missed. 

Path report is nothing exciting.  Having an atypical mole is hardly exciting.  Having a CHANGING atypical mole is worth a biopsy.  GET PICTURES.  SETUP A PLAN FOR REMOVAL.  Don't just have your doc say "let's remove this just because".  This is your body, your call.