New/Breslow .43/Clark's Level III /Questions

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7/9/2018 3:30pm
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I know y'all have answered these questions a million times and I'm so appreciative of any guidance you can give.

My husband had a suspicious mole removed from the dermatology PA last week and we got the call that it is melanoma and the PA has scheduled him for Wednesday for larger excision. The path report says, in part, Breslow .43, Clark III,peripheral margins uninvolved, distance of Melanoma In Situ from closest margin .1mm, pT1a.

From what I've read, a wide excision is the standard of care without referral to a surgical oncologist for removal of nearby nodes. We have a melanoma center about 2 hours from us. My thought is to go ahead with Wednesday and then schedule appt with a melanoma specialist for recheck of body for other suspicious spots and let them take over care.

Is this ok? Is it ok that it's a PA? Or, did some of you with similar path reports go to a surgical oncologist for the wide excision and node removal to be safe? Did any of you do any type of scan to be safe?

Thank you so much.

Hi, if it were me and I wea going to go to a melanoma specialist anyway, why not let them do everything. Just my thoughts.


Thank you for your input. Appreciate it.