Newly diagnosed - recurrence prevention tips?

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7/19/2014 3:13pm
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Hi, my biopsy results came back yesterday showing Stage 1a, 0.5mm from a mole on the sole of my foot. I'm 20 years old and this was a big shock for me in the middle of a busy week at university. I'm having a wide excision done this thursday w 1cm margins and am told that apart from regular checkups every 3 months with my derm, there's nothing else I should be doing.

Now, I consider myself very lucky to have caught it early and know that for my stage WLE has a good cure rate, but I'm wondering if there's anything else I can be doing to prevent recurrence? My derm told me my type of melanoma is unrelated to sun exposure and possible more genetic (often occuring in patients with asian ancestry), but that I should be using SPF 60+ from now on. Do I need to go out of my way to avoid being in the sun? (i.e. no surfing/beach, limit going outside??)

I also get colds pretty often so boosting my immune system up is one of my priorities. Do you guys have any tips for diet, excersice or lifestyle changes that are working for you?

My melanoma had nothing to do with the sun either.  I live life much as I did before being diagnosed
(Stage nIV for 7 years.)  I do not avoid the sun.  I do recommend increasing the use of anti-oxidants, eating Broccolli, and asparagus.  I also found that my Vit D levels were low so take Vit D supplements.  You may already use a fair  amount of curcumin.  I have started taking Curcumin w bioperine supplements and a 325 grain aspiriin a day and eating 2 brazil nutes a day for the selenium.


I'm me, not a statistic. Praying to not be one for years yet.


I believe my diagnosis is related to stress and this is well proven to inhibit the immune system. There is no causal link between melanoma and stress but it seems a no brainer to me.



Stress weakens our immune systems ability to correct mistakes.  Cancers progress when the immune system cannot completely do it's job.   Hmmmm!  

I'm me, not a statistic. Praying to not be one for years yet.

Anonymous - (7/21/2014 - 6:46am)

Why don't more immunocompromised people develop cancer?  People taking immunosuppresent drugs (transplant patients for instance), people with HIV - do people with HIV have a higher rate/incidence of cancer because their immune systems are compromised? 


Before the combination therapies,Karposis Sarcoma was a serious problem for people with HIV disease.After PCP pneumonia KS was the second most common illness and clearly related to a depleted immune system since once the medications were developed it became almost non existent in HIV populations.



Hi Dotty,

I am stage 4 and have chosen both alternative and conventional treatments.  I am on the anti pd1 drug trial and I see a holistic doctor as well that helps with my whole body health.  Clicking on my name and reading my profile will have more information that is helpful for diet and not catching colds anymore.

When I was diagnosed I decided to try everything I could to make my body, as a whole, healthier.  It was something that I felt I could control and therefore give my body a better chance at getting through whatever treatment they were going to throw at me. 

I watched a few movies that really helped me make that change.  Like "Crazy Sexy Cancer," "Forks Over Knives," and "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead."  Those movies and a few books by Kris Carr got me thinking and helped me to make some changes that I feel helped me get to where I am now...which is almost NED.  

I don't know if jumping on my mini-trampoline is helping a lot, or helping a little...but I will keep doing it because people say it really helps the body pump out toxins and my body does seem to feel better on the days that I do it.  I don't use my Microwave anymore to heat up food and instead I use the stove....and my gut is telling me that this is a very good decision.  I use the Infared Sauna once a week at my holistic clinic to help de-toxify my body....and at the very least I know it helps my digestion.  I've tried several other things and I feel happy that I have opened my eyes to trying different things.  I don't put a label on myself as eating only this way or that way or anything, I just try and feed my body more of the things that are more raw and natural and less processed....and that seems to make me feel better all around. 

Knowing that our skin is our largest organ, I try to limit the amount of chemicals I put on it.  My gut feeling is that a lot of these SPF's out there may block some of the bad rays, but they are probably not good for our body in large quantities.  You may be familiar with the saying "everything in moderation."  So I, like some of the others here, use the sun clothes from; when I am going to be in the sun in the middle of the day.   I wear the long sleeve shirts and the pants....that way I only have to apply SPF to my face, ears, neck, hands and feet.  And I often wear a hat...and put my chair in the shade.

If I am to use SPF, I choose to either buy a more natural brand at Whole Foods, or my friend just forwarded me the following recipe the other day, so I could make my own.

Just cut and paste the above link into your browser and it gives the directions on how to make it.

I, like all of us, wish we knew EXACTLY what it was that we could do to fix this and make it all go away for good.  Is it the conventional pd1 treatment or the alternative health....I like to think it is a bit of both.  I have made so many great changes for my health, that it is hard to say which thing is helping the most and which things don't really help at all.  But since I am getting better, and since making all these changes I no longer have been getting colds or flu’s, I will keep up doing all the healthy things I have been in hopes that I have found the "magic pill" so to speak.  :)

These are just things I've done that I feel have helped me.  Good luck with everything,



Thanks Laurie,

That's really good information for someone like me with a new dx.


Thanks for all the info Laurie! Just had my surgery a few days ago and am stuck in bed for a while. I'll definitely watch the movies you mentioned today and look into the other stuff as we'll.