No Disability for 5 Mos/Fundraising Info Needed

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11/26/2010 10:40am
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Well we got the determination from Social Security Disability and they would not back date Eric's onset of disability because he made more then $1,000/month for the first 10 months.  So our 5 month waiting period will begin November 1st.  I have $3,000 in savings and I make around $800/month myself because I'm hourly and I'm taking off work to take him to appointments and to care for him.  His insurance is going to cost us $600/month and my house payment is $1,100/month so as you can see I'm going to be in trouble fast!

We had a friend offer to do a fundraiser for us.  I thought about setting up an account at a bank.  Does anyone have experience with this?  Do I have to start a charity?  I can't really start a non-profit charity because it's for profit right?  I'm confused about this and have no experience so I'm looking for help.  It's also been suggested that I put a "donate" button on Eric's Facebook Page so I'm looking into that, but first I want to make sure I set up everything correctly.  I would have to claim everything on my taxes as income right?

Also Eric said that he wants to set up a fund for us in the event of him passing.  He is so worried about us because he has no life insurance.  How do we go about doing that?

Sorry for so many questions, thank you for any advice.

JillNEric In OH


I'm sad to hear that Eric's wait period will be so long. 

To the best of my knowledge any money up to $10,000 per donor per year is considered a gift and not subject to income tax. I don't believe you have to set up a non-profit.  Also, the time and cost to do so would be considerable.

If you haven't worked with the hospital social workers yet it might be a good avenue to check for advise.

Also, get qualified for food banks and other local based assistance.  It's all time consuming while you are going through all this, maybe a friend can help by gathering info.

Jerry from Cape Cod

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What you are describing is not unusual--both in your situation and in the solution.  Generally a group of friends or some organization--a church, civic group, club, etc.--will host a fundraiser to help offset medical costs.  This can be done without setting up a non-profit.  In fact, if you did set up a non-profit that would be more challenging, as you would need to benefit from the work of the non-profit.  Generally these fundraisers result in a sizeable number of smaller donations.  The donors don't receive tax credit for a charitable donation, but since the amounts are small they generally don't care.  Sometimes the fundraisers are around an event--a dinner, a pool tournament, etc.  Local businesses donate items or offer deep discounts, and participants pay just a bit more than what they might normally do.  So, for example, if your local pizza parlor has a $15.99 all you can eat pizza buffet on Monday nights, they might "sell" it to the event for $9.99, then participants in the event would pay $25.00.  This nets $15 for each participant.  Throw in a silent auction or a raffle and you can raise $1500 to $2000.  Not a huge amount, but enough to cover health insurance for the next three months.

I echo the suggestion of contacting the hospital's social work department.

And you can call our toll-free help line.  It is staffed by oncology social workers and about 2/3 of the calls they receive (if not more) are related to financial issues:   1-877-673-6460


Hi Jill, I know how hard and frustrating the job of caregiver can be. My heart goes out to you. Try to give yourself some rest to de-stress.

Can you appeal the SSI ruling? 

Jan in OC - wife of Dirk, stage IV, in BRAF trial @ UCLA

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Jill --

Wow, that's tough.  My heart goes out to you and Eric.

My daughter's boyfriend had a bout of testicular cancer a year ago.   Several friends organized a fundraiser in his honor.  My daughter collected cash donations in her Paypal account.  Since the total only reached $8,000, there were no tax implications whatsoever.

Based on other experience, I also believe the advice about the $10K limit per giver is correct.

If you want to speak with my daughter about what she and her friends did, I can ask her to contact you.  Just send me contact information and I will forward it to her.

G-d bless you and Eric and your tremendous strength.

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I am so sorry you are having to deal with financial matters at a time when Eric needs your total committment.  This has got to be so heartbreaking for you.  I can't believe they turned him down from the onset of his dx.  The Lord has blessed my husband and I financially with not having any problems (yet) with finances and insurance but I know that can change in a twinkling of an eye. I know there has to be some place you can go to get some assistance I just don't know where to tell you to go.  Don't give up looking for answers and don't take no for an answer.  I would definitely appeal the decision.  Good luck and I'll say an extra prayer for you, Eric and your financial situation~~


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There is a woman who maintains a blog called 'the assertive patient'.  She has recently written about receiving a forbearance on her mortgage...I believe this was an extension of a year.  You may want to contact your mortgage company.

I am keeping you and Eric in my thoughts and prayers.



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what state are you in?  I have a friend in Illinois who is an SSDI attorney and was helpful with Will's situation (Will was on SSDI for other reasons).  Disability claims are often routinely knocked back multiple times before they are approved.  I know you are dealing with a multitude of things right now so if there is a person in your life who could take this task on  and pursue it for you, I'd suggest delegating it to some degree.  Have them contact an SSDI attorney - get references from someone who might work pro bono (ask the ACS or friends, etc. - if you don't know anyone, let me know)

My husband is a CPA.  If you need any specific advice as to how to proceed with protecting funds raised in terms of taxes, etc., email me.   As appalling as it is that people must fight not only this disease but for the basic supports of life during this time, it's currently a reality and I think it's vital to let friends and others know. 

One common source of fundraising is to go to your local fire station and tell the fire fighters what is happening with Eric and your family.  They are often amazingly great fundraisers.  Other sources include the local Rotary club, church or synagogue youth groups - let the community help you now.  Our society should not put people in this position, it does, and we need to stand in solidarity with each other. 

Will was "blessed", as it turns out, because he was already on SSDI and Medicare and Medicaid.   Of all the battles he fought, money was not one of them.  None of you should be facing this but as we are not there yet as a society,  we do need to help each other. 

I was in the same boat...I had to wait 5 months to get SSDI because I worked and husband's standard practice...I seriousl think they hoped we would pass so they don't have to pay us anything...I get a whooping 710. a month now and 649. from my state.

I had insurance but my husband was paying 660 a month and he only worked hourly for 10.00 an hour

He should qualify for Medicaid if he was approved for SSDI...and there is no desductable...that is what hurt me..

If you have friends who raise money just have the money put into a family or friends account separate from their services allow a certain amount ...I think 4 or 5 thousand as a one time gift...but they expect you to pay off all your medical bills before they help....

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