Not yet diagnosed but biopsy on 7th

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12/2/2017 12:19am
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I am starting to get nervous... Doctor looked at a growing/spreading mole on my shoulder and didn't refer me to specialist (derm)... Instead he immediately set up appt for punch biopsy via another doctor at my primary care facility who also is not a derm. Is this a bad sign that he already suspects melanoma? I've not been well lately and even have a 7.4'm cyst on my spleen. My lymph nodes throughout my body are large, hard, fixed and tender... Antibiotics did not help, nodes still getting bigger... Fatigue, night sweats, hard to breathe and even large node found in breast... And now dizziness plus weird troubles with thought process/balance... Just looking for support... Anyone else been immediately sent for biopsy and not referred to a dermatologist?

Anonymous - (12/4/2017 - 9:50am)

First thing, docs cannot determine by sight alone that a skin lesion will be melanoma. So until you have pathology reports, you won't know much. The waiting is usually the most difficult part. Something about not knowing for sure makes a mess in your head. I suspect your doc did not send you to a derm, either because he has no solid information, or you (like me) have HMO insurance. I went in for a sore throat, and my primary care doc noticed the mole on my shoulder. He did a punch biopsy right then and there. It came back as "severely atypical", but not definite melanoma. However, surgical removal of more tissue did show melanoma, and I had to return to the surgeon for a second surgery, involving wider margins. My primary care doc never did send me to a derm. Not even after having a known melanoma removed. I tell you this, not to scare you, because you may indeed have no melanoma at all. But, as a note of caution from one who was too trusting and too easily accepting of doctor's expertise. Be a button pusher. Get a copy of your pathology report (once it is back), and IF need be, insist on seeing a dermatologist. Preferably a derm doc who is more concerned with skin diseases than cosmetic practices. On an additional note, my derm (yes, I have one NOW!) mentioned that he will not even consider a punch biopsy unless he can get the entirety of the suspect lesion into the circumference of the punch. Anything larger should be wedge resected.