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9/12/2018 2:34pm
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Hello Folks 

My father was diagnosed with an atypical spitz tumour in 2005 . He lived very well for many years but in 2014 the cancer spread to lymphonodes in the pectoral regions , after 4 years several mets were found in the mediastinum and in the lungs . He has a nras mutation which is less common than braf but also aggressive and unfortunately we don’t have much options beside the immunotherapy. He started in March 2018 and ct scans showed in July that is progressing. 

Just few weeks ago we was treated with radiotherapy and now is suffering several side effect . 

We are of course desperate and we don’t know what to do . I wrote on the forum to check if anybody had some experience with nras mutation in melanoma and If anybody knows about new trials coming up focusing on this mutation 

thank you again 


ed williams - (9/12/2018 - 2:48pm)

I don't have a lot of specific information for you other than some links to research in the Nras field. I haven't looked at this topic in any detail in the past, maybe some one with specific experiences will post.

Antonio - (9/12/2018 - 11:27pm)

Thank you , I appreciate 

Mark_DC - (9/13/2018 - 12:24am)

Dear Antonio - as well as this you may want to search the forums for NRAS. We discussed options for NRAS back in June and also I think Celeste’s blog mentions a few studies

I dont think NRAS is as bad as it sounds (fingers crossed as I have it). I dont like it when thet write its particualrly aggresive as i am not sure its any more aggrssive than BRAF. Response rates to immunotherapy are abiut the same for NRAS (some studies showed better response but think this has changed) and immunotherapy can take time (my experience) and sometimes the tumour can grow first in response and then you get a response.

in my case pembro gave me stable disease, but adding TVEC after fifteen months of slight worsening helped give a stronger response. Other options include adding a MEK inhibitor (see the discussion in june on this board by searching for NRAS) and maybe other clinical trials.

i dont know your fathers situation but hope He wll get better

most important advice is to find a melanoma specialist - someone who knows the disease and knows the marerial on this board and more. I have had two specialists and their knowledge really shows, which makes me more confident in their advice and judgment

good luck for your father


Antonio - (9/14/2018 - 12:11pm)

Thank you Mark for your kind and helpful words 

Yes , I ll have a look and look for the discussion you had on this forum in June . 

I will translate and pass all your advice to my father . 

Good luck