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4/11/2013 3:32pm
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I know, I know. . .I am just curious if anyone has had any experience at all with this cancer center.  I have done my share of googling.  I know many say it is "quackery" but, truthfully so much of what they use makes sense.  After having an $18,000 pet/mri, the $20,000 cost for an 18 day stay for two including all travel, room and board AND treatment is a BARGAIN!


We do not care about FDA approval and feel there are so many other things that play into whether that happens or not.  Not having to follow US laws gives them access to so many more options.


The main three treatment tools are B17/laetril, ozone therapy and high dose intravenous vitamin C.  Could these thing possibly hurt?  I don't think so.  And if they can help, why not try?  We are looking for a stage 3C patient, currently NED, so needing adjuvant therapy to stay that way for a few more decades.


Thoughts?  I'll try to add a link.  www.oasisofhope.com

Charlie S - (4/11/2013 - 9:42pm)

Allan Carr (sp) has been a long time participant on this board and he attributes his success against melanoma to Vitamin C injections.  He did not go to Mexico, he did not pay the dollars you are stating, he did it in the United States and he did it under the guidance of a respected doctor at a respected medical facility.

Though not for me, his success is undeniable.

I would suggest you query him in a post, such as "Alan Carr and Vitamin C"

Also relative to B17 and Ozone therapy, here is a link to the seldom used National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine ( a part of the National Institutes of Health) where one can do independent research to discern the validity of Alternative and Complentary approaches to cancer. 


I have been around the block a few times in my years with melanoma;  and though you may not care about FDA approval, I can tell of you of someone I used to know from a melanoma support group that went to this EXACT clinic, received the EXACT protocol and was dead within six weeks.....................not from complcations of melanoma but rather from complications of the "so-called" treatment.

This person was 3A following surgery and removal of one micrometastatic  sentinel node and her family (which was very wealthy) was of the opinion they could buy their way out of anything and simply could not stand the idea of waiting; they wanted to "fix" their daughter. Scans were clear, she was healthy and the mother of two children aged 2 and 5.

So, rather than think the best way, they bought what they thought was the best way.

The autopsy revealed she died due to  rampant and irreversible typhoid infection.originating from a intraveneous injection site in her right groin.

Make of it what you will.


Charlie S