Oasis of Hope, Mexico

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4/11/2013 3:34pm
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I know, I know. . .I am just curious if anyone has had any experience at all with this cancer center.  I have done my share of googling.  I know many say it is "quackery" but, truthfully so much of what they use makes sense.  After having an $18,000 pet/mri, the $20,000 cost for an 18 day stay for two including all travel, room and board AND treatment is a BARGAIN!


We do not care about FDA approval and feel there are so many other things that play into whether that happens or not.  Not having to follow US laws gives them access to so many more options.


The main three treatment tools are B17/laetril, ozone therapy and high dose intravenous vitamin C.  Could these thing possibly hurt?  I don't think so.  And if they can help, why not try?  We are looking for a stage 3C patient, currently NED, so needing adjuvant therapy to stay that way for a few more decades.


Thoughts?  I'll try to add a link.  www.oasisofhope.com

Anonymous - (4/12/2013 - 6:55pm)

Go for it, by all means.  It makes you happy, gives you hope, and just might work better than pouring poison in your system.  I am at the end of the line for therapies, and this doesn't sound all that crazy to me!!!

Anonymous - (4/13/2013 - 1:13am)

If you are NED...work on your immune system.  I am stage IV and in a "wait and watch" period.  I have worked really hard to try and improve my immune system.  When I was first diagnosed at stage IV, everything I read said "there are no survivors once you're stage IV"   Since then, I have read about  many stage IV survivors, but most are doing treatments that boost immunity.  However, I see many  that are doing the "wait and watch" who are stage IV  and are doing surprisingly well.  I know everyone gets a differient variety and aggressiveness of this melanoma so is always hard to compare.  I continue with the wait and watch and also support my system with supplements and follow the Budwig Diet. I recommend the Anti Cancer book and Cancer -  Step Outside The Box, both books are excellent reads.  

I have a really smart oncologist who has been dealing with melanoma for a very long time.  She has not jumped to treat me with standard treatments but rather waits to see what other promising clinical trials are coming along.  Every 6 months after scans we reevaluate and go from there.  More and more I am feeling more comfortable going this route rather than jumping at any treatment and wearing my body down.  I have done a clinical trial MAGE A-3 and a IPI trial with disasterous results which ended abrubtly.  I feel relatively well and have decided to not do anymore treatments unless I have a looming tumor load that needs attention now.

Hope this helps!

Take care....Swanee

Maybe all those vitamins and apricot seeds really do bring on remission and tumor shrinkage. Moreover, maybe the croaking of frogs brings on the springtime, but I doubt it, just a bit more.

The history of the world is the battle between superstition and intelligence.

Lori C - (4/14/2013 - 9:03am)

I think it depends on what you are looking for.  If you are looking for a quality of life enhancing situation, it may be possible that such places are helpful to some people.  I don't see any evidence that such treatments do anything to extend life or really treat the illness, and as has been mentioned, may possibly - in some cases - do harm.

Bob Marley went to Issels clinic.  He lived six months beyond what some doctors had predicted, but it was certainly not a good six months and it was far from home.  It's not that I reject all "alternative" or non-western treatments, but extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, and such places tend to have the former and not the latter.



Anonymous - (4/14/2013 - 11:21pm)


Bob Marley as well as everybody has different DNA so to compare him is not fair. If you and I both did the same treatments, we would have completely different results.

Bob Marley in my research was killed because of his peace movements that could have changed people or the world!