One step closer to TIL trial

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1/10/2018 9:31am
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I went to NIH yesterday for the TIL trial screening. Before I started the process two nurses outlined how things were going to go during the day. They told me that after the tests and an exam by my clinical fellow I would meet again with her and with Dr. Sherry, the attending physician. "We won't be able to give you a definite answer today, but you'll have a good idea about whether or not you'll get it."

Dr. Sherry called me an "excellent candidate." But he had two concerns. First, I have a separate thyroid issue, and one lobe of my thyroid has pushed my trachea slightly to one side. He was concerned about whether they could easily insert a breathing tube for surgery. Second, I take methimazole for hyperthyroidism. He told me he needed to consult with their endocrine team to see what they thought. He was particularly interested in whether methimazole has any effect on lymphocytes.

So if my thyroid isn't seen as a problem, it sounds like I'll get in. They said they would let me know by early next week.