Pain in the groin nodes after 1 year of diagnosis

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8/11/2017 1:53am
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Hello everyone ,

I have been diagnosed last September with T1A melanoma on abdomen, breslow 0,37, Clark 3, no mitosis, no ulceration , no regression . After WLE only check-ups every 3 months including derm control, blood tests and ultrasounds. Everything ok but now I am feelin a pain in the groin next to the surgery. The ultrasound of the nods reveals no problems, but I am scared. I don't know how a malignant node feels like, is it painful?

thank you! 

Hi there, I had melanoma appear in my groin lymph nodes twelve years after initial diagnosis. If I hadn't felt the lump I would never have known because there wasn't any pain at all.

Always something to discuss with your Dr. Though at your next follow up!


Thanks for your response. I will definitely check it out ! 

I do not recall reading here about groin pain being sign of MM. But pls keep eye  there and keep us posted. Good luck.  

When I noticed enlarged lymph glands in the groin, I did not have any pain either.  Until it was confirmed I thought I had pulled something at the gym.  This occurred 10 years after my original diagnosis on the thigh.

About two weeks ago I had a lymph nodes ultrasound armpit and groin and everything was ok . Now I m feeling exactly as you described it like a sore , I don' t feel any bump. 

Wow, I can't believe they performed so many tests on you after such a small depth. I am jealous. Where are you located, if I may ask?


Also, are you Romanian by any chance?

In Romania - Bucharest and yes I am romanian. I was surprised when I read here how many problems you have with the insurance.  Here is not perfect but much better I think. We have acces to public healthcare and many tests are free if you are employed. I pay some of them , like nodes ultrasound (40 US dollars ) , S 100 (20 US dollars ) but they are not very expensive and we have many good doctors. 

Good to know. I'm Romanian as well, but living in the US at the moment. It is good news that should I decide to return, I'll get proper care if need be.

I don't know what treatments are paid for the advanced stages, I think in this spring they approved some treatments that were available only in trials

It's hard here I think in advanced stages ,in any disease, because we don't have so many approved treatments and are very expensive