Paratoid gland remove l and complete dissection

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6/11/2018 2:24am
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I have already had a Wide excision and lymph node biopsy. They found it had metastasized in paratoid gland ,so need to have another surgery.,but my surgeon has refered me to another surgeon that specailizes in breast cancer and plastic surgery. I don't know what to do? Drive 3 hours to surgeon who specializes in melanoma or go to local plastic sur?? Please advise!! Thank you

I also had parotid gland removed and the it’s a very easy question to answer. Go to the melanoma surgeon at the best cancer center with reach. I traveled 4.5 hours for mine surgeries.


I agree with Bill.  See the top Head/Neck surgeon with lots of experience.  You want someone who has done 100s if not 1,000 paratoidectomies.  In the short term, traveling for this will be a big hassle.  In the long term you'll get it done right.