Path results are back....and its good!

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3/12/2018 11:07pm
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Hey Warriors! 

I just saw my path results from my surgery on the 2nd and I can now say with certainty that PV-10 did its job and did it well. The treated area resulted in "0% viable tumor". Time for me to buy some more Provectus stock! This is a big win in the battle, now....on to the remaining two nodes with more Keytruda, I just wish they could reach them with a long needle full of PV-10! 

Just wantred to share some positive news with my fellow Warriors. STAY IN THE FIGHT!!


Tex, congrats and continued success with the Keytruda!


Thank you Bill!


That is awesome news! Happy dance for the purple butt kicking juice! C'mon Keytruda, clean up those nodes!

Jenn - stage IV NED - Completed Ipi/Nivo (Yervoy/Opdivo) + surgery

Thanks Jenn! "Purple butt kicking juice" I love it!


Alright! That's the kind of news we all want to hear! Hang in there, Tex, you've got this


Thanks Nick! Feeling even more confident about this battle now!


Terrific news, young man! I'm happy for you. And yes, oh for the long needle to hit the other lesions. I've thought that many times myself. ~ Carol

Thank you Carol! There has to be a way to make that work....right??


So pleased for you Tex, now let's have them nodes disappear. I have had 11 rounds of keydruda and doing ok .


Awesome Scooby! I am looking forward to round #9 in a few weeks...weird, never thought I say I "look forward" to treatment but I do!! 


YES! Nice to hear some good- no great- news! Happy for you- continue on!

Thanks Lori! Continue on I will!!


AWESOME!!!!!  That is wonderful news.  I am so very pleased for you.  As to your excellent idea...I've already made my husband promise that if I ever need surgery for melanoma again, he is to find some way to splash a gallon of rose bengal into the incision!!!!  He's pretty scared....cause I wasn't kidding.  (Despite my connections to Big Pharma....I ain't got no PV-10!!!!)  Thanks so much for sharing!!! c

Thanks Celeste! I appreciate it. Not gonna lie, it feels pretty good...any win in this battle feels good! I like your plan! Dang, I should have swiped some while I was in the trial to send to you but let's hope you NEVER ever need it! 


Hip hip horay!  So happy to share in your good news;-)

Stay well Tex!



Always great to hear upbeat news!!.. Congrats.. and keep on fighting!


Excellent news!

That's excellent news!!