Pathology margins clear?

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8/18/2014 1:24pm
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Hi. Last week I had a conservative excision to remove the rest of a atypical  mole.  I got the patholgy report back and I was wondering if the margins are all clear? 


Diagnosis: Surgical Changes

Gross Discriptin: Received in formation, labeled "right mid upper back", is a 2.8 x1.2 cm elliptical excision specimen of gray-tan skin and subcutaneous tissue. The specimen is inked, serially sectioned and submitted entirely in four cassettes.

microscope decription: sections show surgical changes without residual nevomelanocytic proliferation. 


I go back in a week to get the stiches. out. Whats next? 


Margins are clear - there is "nothing else" in relation to this lesion.

Thank you Jenner! 

Brigette, who gave you the pathologist report ?  If it was a professional, did they not discuss the report with you?  What did they tell you?

Yes Ed. The nurse called and said the margins were clear. I have heard other  people on other sites say that they thought their margns were clear only to discover after reading their pathology reports that they weren't. I have a appointment to get my stiches out next week and Im sure she would have confirmed the report. I guess I just needed another conformation that this thing is all gone. 


I hear you, don't be afraid to ask questions of the medical staff. I was worried about who was giving you the information, not all family doctors having the necessary background with skin cancer to be giving advice. I hope this turns out to be the last time you have to deal with the fear that melanoma can create. Best Wishes Ed

Thank you Ed!