Pembro set for Nov 22nd!!

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11/17/2017 12:56am
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YeeeeHa!, first off, hope everyones doing good or at the very least "stable", i have some good news, i saw my Oncologist today & shes puttin' a bit of a "Rush" on my treatment, Keytruda that is, i start next week Nov 22nd versus waiting for all my scans to be completed, blood work is completed & looks good, bone scan great, i just need MRI and CT those are already scheduled in the next week or so..Man i cant wait!, it feels like an eternity since the bad news of my lung surgery being cancled due to multiplication of tumors, treatment made more sense.Im ready warriors! i have my TapOut shorts ready, my YouTube "RED" loaded with Fight Songs, boots are by the door im ready, all i need now is Big John McCarthy {UFC Ref} to let me at the mofo {Mel tumors} and its on!..ill keep ya posted after my infuse & document my journey for the new folks who may start all rock here at MRF!...Love ya all!, Mike...

Im Melanoma and my host is Mike..

jennunicorn - (11/17/2017 - 11:27am)

Right on Mike! I hope you take down mel just like GSP took down Bisping! Kick its ass!

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Hahah! thats right sister! your a woman after my own heart! i cant stand Bizbing! im so glad GSP was able to kick such good ass after being out the loop for so long!...thanks Jenn, ill be posting left & right im sure once im "officially" inducted into the Keytruda family! i know it will work for me!!..

Im Melanoma and my host is Mike..

TexMelanomex - (11/17/2017 - 11:13pm)

Welcome to the "Keytruda Klub" Mike! I like your battle prep as you get ready to take the fight to the enemy, exacly the correct mindset in my opinion. Rock on my Warrior brother!


Yeeeha! like i said to you before Tex, "Its On Like Vietnam!...ill get on here at MRF after my infusion Wednesday {Nov 22nd} and start puttin' out there any effects i may or maynot have, like you have {and still do} done for the next person inline for treatment, nothings scarier then the whole "Chemo" word {ours is ImmunalTherapy} yet close in its purpose...see ya soon!

Im Melanoma and my host is Mike..

MovingOn - (11/20/2017 - 10:48pm)

You’re almost to the infusion (less than 2 days) get ready for a whole lotta melanoma butt kicking to start in your system and minimal side effects. I frequently wonder how things would be different if i had been given Keytruda first (instead of surgery with side effects and ipilimumab with side effects). I would have thought Melanoma was a walk in the park. I wish for you that melanoma and all the side effects of the treatments so far turn into a walk in the park thanks to Keytruda.

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Polydad - (11/21/2017 - 2:11pm)

Totally true on the Pembro lack of side effects. My wife was in the first set of trials and received 5 times the dose schedule now, for a little over 3 years...... never really had any issues. She used to sit with the Doctor and make up possible side effects (a little tired, a little itchy)

She also really fought Ipi with no success. 

Before Pembro her lung tumors were "too numerous to count" and she got immediate improvement.

Good luck. Hate this disease.


PolyDad! thank you man, yes, no reations so far, its been only 8 hours since my 1st infusion, i felt a lil "burn" in my chest, and like yer wife, my lovely tumors are in my lungs {both by the way} and quite a few in each, to many to have had my "surgery" cancled put it that, Treatment was eminent...

Im Melanoma and my host is Mike..

MovingOn! thank you so, yes, today at 2pm i sat in the Pembro Chair & juiced up on my 1st round of it, so far so good, a little tired, i feel a lil "buzz" if ya will like i smoked some pot or downed a few Vicodens, very little reactions other then that! my tumors are in both lungs so, when the Pembro flowed about half the bag down, my chest had a slight burn, as if it was already attacking its objective!, im officially part of the crew here at MRF!..I wish you well to bro "or"  sis {MovingOn can go both ways} lol...

Im Melanoma and my host is Mike..