Persistent sore throat

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3/6/2012 8:38am
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Hello everyone,

I am Stage 1 patient, almost 8 years post-diagnosis.
For 3 weeks now I have persistent sore throat and it scares me very much. I went to the PCP who did strep nest: negative. The ENT didn't find anything suspicious in the throat also when he used the mirror to look down to the larynx. However, he said that it could be acid reflux related because the entrance of my esophagus is raw and inflamed. He prescribed omeprazole. Well, after 1 week on omeprazole, it is not much better. I cannot locate the pain: sometimes it feels on one side on the throat, sometimes on another when I swallow. Have anyone experienced anything like that???? This sore throat drives me crazy. Thanks for listening.

Mary-E - (3/6/2012 - 12:45pm)

Yes, I had the same symptoms which began about 6 months after stage 3 diagnosis.  It was in my case acid reflux.  I did not respond to medications (can't remember what I was given) but it did help to not eat or drink too close to bedtime. 

So.. did your doctor also recommend some dietary changes to try along with the Omeprazole? Reflux OFTEN takes more than a little Ome to control. Sometimes one drug works and another does not.

BUT.. no matter which drug you take or don't, there are other things that do more to control it than drugs. There are enormous lists of foods to avoid out there on the web, but there are some pretty easy guidelines


acidic juices like orange juice, tomato, lemonade




fried foods.


Try to make your evening meal a light one, and don't eat after dinner.


Try this for at least a couple of weeks WITH your Omeprezole and see if that helps.

You don't smoke do you?


Dian in spokane

I am also stage1er. I’ve had off and on low grade sore throat and now and again have difficulty swallowing. ENT said that is due to back of throat being spongy and so collects phlegm and other gunk. He said there is nothing to be done (some people just born with it) and suggested I massage it with my finger – it’s not so easy as this induces the gag reflex but it helps.

Gene_S - (3/6/2012 - 3:15pm)

If it is acid reflux a little (couple of tablespoons) organic aloe vera juice helps if taken daily.  You can mix it in many things to drink it or in water.

Live 4 today. Thank God for all he has done for us. Looking forward to enjoying tomorrow.