In person support group Charlotte?

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3/25/2014 7:05pm
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Hi all, first I want to thank you all for all the incredible support and knowledge you have provided for both Kevin and myself. I was wondering if I could pick your brains some more. I would like to find a local support group for my whole family. I know being a caregiver lends itself to stressors different than those Kevin is going through and I would like to be able to meet others in person once in a while. I'd also like to find something for my boys as well if possible. I know they have concerns that most kids their ages don't have to deal with and their friends can't really relate. If anyone knows of any, please let me know. I have asked the case nurse assigned to Kevin's case, but she has yet to get back to me. Thank you all again for everything!!


HI Megan,

I am glad you posted. I did not want to leave a personal message for you.

The name of the place in Charlotte I mentioned is

The Buddy Kemp Caring House.. 704-384-5223  Someone I know found this to be an incredible support for his daughter.  Good Luck and let me know how you make out please. It was great to meet you in chat last night. 

Love and LIght

Carole K