pet scan & trying to conceive + other questions/vent :)

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12/4/2017 7:32pm
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Hi All!  It's been a while.  This board was so helpful to me in the past, but I haven't visited in a while.  Kind of a long story.... but my immediate question is, does anyone know about trying to conceive and having a pet scan?  I'm having some "issues" and need to get a pet scan, but I'm also trying to conceive, rather unsuccessfully so far.  I'm wondering if I have the pet scan prior to expected ovulation (sorry to the men on this board :) ), can I still try to conceive this month?  Or rule out the whole month?  

I feel like I need to do a separate post, b/c i'm not doing so hot lately, but here goes.  I'm 4 years since diagnosis, Stage 3a, melanoma in right arm, complete lymph node dissection.  I was diagnosed at 29 (female, if you haven't already guessed that).  I did a year of interferon, and had all the horrible side effects.  I still struggle with certain side effects (fatigue, thyroid) and really expect to forever ugh. 

Most recently - in early august - I was at the gym and was holding a heavy weight and it felt like someone stabbed me in my arm pit.  It hurt non stop for 24 hours.  Since then, i still get the knife stab feeling when I move wrong on exercise.   I've tried everything I can think of this work on this.  Rest, ice, graston, stem, massage, etc. We thought torn scar tissue, and I was thinking maybe scar tissue rehealed around a nerve or a surgical clip moved or something.  I had an MRI, which showed some other shoulder issues, but nothing really on this issue. Any ideas?  

ugh - I just need to vent to someone who understands. I HATE Melanoma!!! I know so many on this board are going through so much worse than I am. I hate melanoma for all of us.  Even when I'm NED, it just seems to constantly haunt me! I just want to be able to be able to as social as I want without fatigue causing me to skip out of events, work out when and how much I want to, not have brain fog, have a baby, not have constant anxiety, is that too much to ask? Santa??? I just want to be able to live a normal life.

I want all of us not to have to worry that every little anomaly in our bodies makes us immediately jump to worst case scenario.  I want all of us to be able to whatever we want, that others take for granted. That's my Christmas wish for everyone here. Happy Holidays to everyone!! 

PS - I think i'll be upping my anti anxiety meds tonight :) 


You should ask your oncologist this question. Personally I would pass on trying to make a baby until you get this all worked out. If after your PET scan and if you need treatment drugs you will not want to be pregnant.  

I am a man but I was told when I was on a year of NIVO I was not permitted to have sex. Dr did not want me knocking anyone up since it is not known what can be transfered during sex or how the drugs could affect the unborn baby. 

Please ask your doctor.


I of course will ask my dr, but was hoping someone had an idea since I wont talk to him for a week.  I know it's best to wait, i'm just frustrated. Thanks for the reply!