Phase 1: Back from Mayo

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4/15/2018 12:43pm
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Happy Sunday, everyone!

Well, I just got back from prostate surgery @ Mayo Phoenix, late last night. Phew! & soooo glad to finally be home. This past week has been about as difficult as any I've experienced, since my original melanoma diagnosis & surgeries. I must be getting old, LOL!

Anyway, the surgery was successfull & pathology reports clear margins ... yay! As long as I don't have any complications, I should be slowly recovering, over the next 2 months. Just in time for my next scheduled  scans @ MDA, in June ;-)

While @ Mayo, they did further ultrasound of my right kidney tumor & confirmed some intervalic growth since December's CT @ MDA. Now, just over 4 cm. Per Celeste's excellent suggestion, I queried about a renal cancer diagnosis versus a potential melanoma metastasis. The Oncologic Urologist said that renal melanoma metastases are very rare, the tumor doesn't appear to have the characteristics of a melanoma & further, my upcoming CT @ MDA may bring better confirmation. Nevertheless, he said it will have to come out. I asked about neoadjuvant therapy & he was dubious, saying he didn't think it applied in my case? Oh, well ... further evidence of the compartmentalization of cancer healthcare, I guess!

Oddly, the bigger question in my mind is, "How the heck am I going to get through kidney surgery?" Prostate surgery REALLY kicked my butt ... plus, doing it so far from home was physically & pschologically challenging. I'm glad I had the very best care @ Mayo but wonder what I'll be able to tolerate for a much more significant procedure.

I know it's easy to get ahead of things, so right now, I'm trying to just focus on recovery. 1 step @ a time, right? Me & my overactive brain! I'm so very grateful to you all for this forum & the opportunity to share ... I hope you all remain strong in the fight!

Bubbles - (4/15/2018 - 1:43pm)

You know the song..."[You have sixteen surgeries] and what do you get?  Another day older and deeper in debt!!!"

I know you have just about had it!  But, you are hanging tough.  Sorry to lead you on a wild goose questioning chase with your doc....but, I'm still glad you asked.  At least we have that intel!!!  

I know you are worried about what you still face, and I don't blame you!!  Didn't you have a more local option for the renal surgery?  Since with further investigation, they are still thinking it is a different bag of tricks, maybe the nearer location is an option???  Or maybe I've got it all balled up?  HA!

Either way.  Rest up!  You've got this!  And as yucky as it is, I know you will tackle whatever you need to, when the time comes!!  Yours, celeste

jagstter - (4/16/2018 - 10:22am)

Hi Celeste,

Thanks, for your reply ... I'm actually old enough to know that song ;-)

I don't think it was neccessarily a wild goose chase to ask about melanoma metastasis. Truth be told, I have higher confidence in MDA for that assessment & hope June will provide some clarification.

Regarding an alternative for renal surgery; yes, the local Urologist has experience w/ robotic resection. At this point, I am strongly considering that option. A lot will depend on MDA ... in addition to Full Body CT, they will be conducting a Brain MRI, to follow up on a sub-centimeter cyst they found last year. Hopefully, nothing & stable or better, resolved.

In the meantime, I am definitely taking your advice to rest. I lost almost a liter of blood, so the world seems strange to me, right now. And that's aside from the fact that, indeed, it is!


Bubbles - (4/16/2018 - 9:31pm)

Rest up!  I'm sure you will feel better very soon.  My father didn't sing much...but he liked Johnny Cash so he would sing that song and Bill Grogan's Goat!!! Don't ask!!!  It's horrible!  


CancerSpouse - (4/18/2018 - 9:19pm)

Hang in there Jagstter. One day at a time is especially great advice for post-op. Also, after a successful surgery, you have nowhere to go but up! ~Carol

CancerSpouse - (4/18/2018 - 9:19pm)

Hang in there Jagstter. One day at a time is especially great advice for post-op. Also, after a successful surgery, you have nowhere to go but up! ~Carol