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5/17/2017 2:55pm
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Forum folks! This is my first summer with MM, live in desert like, extremely sunny place, and seeking your advice how do you avoid sun? I realise no more beach or summer hiking for me in my life, I used to love doing this.  But what about driving? walking in the city to and from my work? Have thrown away all my shorts, now wear only long pants and shirts with long sleeves, it this enough? I read on a different site one guy complaining he wore always hoodies even  in hot summer, but it still came back very soon, scaryng .... so, how extreme the sun avoidance should be? 

George, 27 yo, stage I B, Nov 2016 


Bubbles - (5/17/2017 - 3:05pm)

I have been LIVING!!!!! with melanoma since 2003.  I was a runner and hiker.  I am a runner and hiker.  You do NOT have to give up what you love to melanoma!!!  SUNSCREEN, SUNSCREEN, SUNSCREEN!  Yes, I am the weird lady that might be walking around downtown, in a botanical garden, wherever...on a bright sunny day, holding an umbrella (read 'shade maker') over my head.  I go to the beach.  I wear clothes...and don't stay out between 10am - 2pm.  I do often hike in long sleeves.  I wear hats when I hike or work in my yard.  You do NOT have to give up being you or doing the things you love.  You just have to be smart, think it through and plan ahead.  Besides, while there is a connection...sunlight is not a sole cause of melanoma for many.  Be careful.  Live large....even on the sunny side of the street!!!  Celeste

Thank you for advise! your pics at the beach are wonderful!

Looks like you had a lovely vacation. My husband and I live in the area and would have loved to have met you ad taken you and your family to dinner. Your blog and your posts here have been tremendously helpful and you are truly an inspiration. 

Alison - wife of Roy, Stage IV Metastatic Melanoma

Like Celeste said, LIVE your wonderful life and don't fear the sun! Take precaution, with sunscreen, sun protective clothing and hats when you will be out in direct sun for more than 20 minutes and at peak hours. But, otherwise, please don't stop living your life. I live in California, I am going to a pool party on Saturday, it'll be 93 degrees where I am going. I am packing my big hat, a bathing suit, and sun screen! I spend a lot of time in the shade during peak hours of the day when it's the hottest for occasions like this.. and I will go in the pool, swim around, wear my hat, and make sure not to spend more than 20 minutes or so in there. Lathering up in good waterproof sun screen of course. I go hiking every weekend, and visit the beach often. I bring a sun protective long sleeved button up top to throw on over my short sleeves and I always wear a hat. I usually wear long pants.. but I've never been one to wear shorts anyway since my super pale white legs have always gotten strange looks, ha! When I get too hot, I make sure to throw on the sun screen when I take off the long sleeves and find shade when I can. Haven't had a sun burn in over 10 years, and even then I've never had a bad one. I am 30, close in age to you, and I certainly wouldn't advise you to become a vampire so early in life. 

Jenn - stage IV NED - Completed Ipi/Nivo (Yervoy/Opdivo) + surgery

Janner - (5/17/2017 - 10:34pm)

Relax!  Don't let melanoma keep you from doing ANYTHING you like to do.  Just do it smarter.  Go for your hikes, just don't do it midday.  Too hot anyway then.  Walk to work?  Why not?  Listen, the barn door is open and the horses are already gone.  You can't change the sun damage that is already done and the vast majority never get another primary.  Sun exposure does NOT affect recurrence, only new primaries or the other types of skin cancer.  I gardened, played tennis - just changed how I do it.  No tank tops, just wear shirts with sleeves and if I'm going to be out a while, sun screen on my arms.  Hats, sunscreen, UV protection clothing -- I just make sure I don't get burned.  I don't hide from the sun, just be sun smart.  And I certainly do everything I did before a diagnosis.  Just be smart and live life!

Linny - (5/18/2017 - 9:41am)

Completely agree with Janner's comment about doing things smarter. 

I just returned from a beach vacation in Mexico. Melanoma is not going to stop me from doing the things I enjoy doing. I just do these things smarter now: sunscreen, sunhats, swim capris, and long sleeved swim shirts. 

Land's End has a nice choice of men's swimwear that is sun protective. Coolibar has a good selection of swimwear and clothing items. Any local sporting goods store that has a Golf section should carry a selection of sun protective clothing. That doesn't mean you need to buy a whole new wardrobe but if you know you're going to be out in the sun for an extended period of time then buy an outfit or two for those occasions. A brimmed hat will become your new best friend on warm sunny days.

Stage III, Unknown Primary; 1 positive node in left axilla

Hey George, you can definitely still go for hikes! Have you looked into getting sun protective clothing? I have some sleeves that I use (you can get at REI, Amazone, etc.) that are typically for cyclists that I put on instead of a long sleeve shirt. They breath really well - I'm in Southern California and it gets pretty hot here. Heck, I always have a pair in my car just in case someone wants me to stand outside at a food truck or something. I also have a wide hat that has a special layer of sun protection in the brim to protect my face. Columbia makes some really comfy sun protective pants and other clothing as well. Slather on the sunscreen, and use sun protective clothing and there is no reason you can't continue to enjoy hiking!