PLS Help - Low Platelets. What can be done?

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Hope Returning
4/12/2011 2:36pm
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What can help increase Platelets? Can GCSF increase low platelets? If not, what can? They are extremely low now

Are you taking interferon?  If so, just discontinuing that can get rid of the low platelets.

Could you provide more information?

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I had extremely low platelets after my 4th round of biochemotherapy.  My nurse called and scheduled a blood transfusion.  It helped immediately.  Perhaps you should look into that.  Hope this helps! - Shari

As JAG said we need more info. Are you on interferon or some other chemo drugs ? A blood transfusion in one option. There are others depending on the severity. GM-CSF will also increrase platelet counts. Corticosteroids may also be given for a period of time.

Your doctor should know what to do depending on your individual circumstances.

There are some foods and juices that will help as well.


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