Porta Caval Lymph Nodes

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Steve W
10/7/2011 12:25pm
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I'm currently in a trial with GSK using the braf drug GSK2118436.  The mets in my lungs have all reduced in size and even disappeared in my liver and spleen.  But a met in a porta caval lymph node doubled in size on my last scan and indicated "hot" on a followup PET scan.  Apparently it is not responding to current treatment.  i will have a followup appointment in a few days to discuss my options, but my understanding is that surgery may not be an option.  Has anyone gone through radiation treatment on porta caval lymph nodes?  Any other advice?  




For hard to cut out locations one should investigate the possibility of Proton Radiatiion therapy.  It does les damage on the way in and essentially no damage beyond the tumor location and more damagea to the tumors.  Insurance does not l ike it because it is very expensive.  Loma Linda and MDA are two of the early sites to offer this therapy in the USA.  Ther are new locations becoming operational.

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Steve W - (10/9/2011 - 10:16am)