Possible In transit met??

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10/9/2017 12:01pm
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Hi all!

14 month post WLE and CLND.  Stage 3a.   Was followed up with pretty closely the last year.  Last PET was June.  A little "hot spot" appeared in the outside of my calf about 6 inches above/ right of my WLE.  Had an MRI and was told they thought it was nothing.  A couple of weeks ago I started to notice a pea size lump in that spot.  Anyone here have any experience with intransit mets and any insight to offer?  

Thanks much!

I don't have any experience with in transit or subcutaneous lesions but would definitely let your oncologist know and they will probably want to biopsy it.


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Raeofsonshine - (10/11/2017 - 12:30pm)

Thanks! Yes I went in yesterday and THANK GOD my surgical oncologist said "let's take it out" so that I would know and not have the worry.  Upon removal he stated it looks like a lipoma but of course will biopsy to confirm.  A few days of angst until we confirm but I can handle that.  Here's to thinking nothign but good thoughts!

MovingOn - (10/9/2017 - 7:34pm)

Knees and elbows can light up in a PET scan just from normal movement before the scan. They will frequently look for a difference between right/left if they light up. So yours may have just been the knee lighting up from walking before the scan. However, if you feel something then definitely get it checked asap.

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