Post Round 2 of PV-10 and Pembro

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11/2/2017 10:14pm
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Hey Warriors!

I just wanted to post a quick update, mostly for people who are getting ready to start on Pembro (Keytruda) or those early on in the process like I am.

The second round went very smoothly. I had the typical 48 hour flu symptoms and those are just now winding down and I'm starting to feel better. Again, nothing major and I still went to work just a little achey and feverish/chills but all of that has subsided quickly both times. No noticeable rash or skin irritation this time and last time I think it had more to do with the PV-10 and not staying completley out of the sun.

Overall, great visit and my primary lymph node tumor that they inject with the PV-10 has again shrunk by a few more millimeters. Dr. Ross noted that the lesion is now soft and moveable where before it was hard as a rock and fixed in place. The PV-10 injections still sucked, but a little easier than last time...I learned that plugging in some earphones and cranking the volume up to 10 actually does help distract from the injections. I'm now getting the PV-10 "shield" where a lovely magenta color spreads from the injection site across my chest and shoulder. It does this for about a week or so before it slowly resolves over another week and just about the time the skin has returned back to its normal color...its time for the next round...who needs a calendar!? 

Feeling good about the progress so far Warriors, feeling good!

Stay in the fight!




Hey Tex! So happy to hear you're still handling the treatments well and that you are already seeing results! I go for round 2 of Pembro on the 16th, still waiting to find out when they plan to add the TVEC.

Keep on keeping on!

Great to hear Tex! Awesome that the treatments are working so quickly. That shield sounds cool.

I’ve got melanoma in my parotid so a magenta shield on the left side of my face would be quit an office rush. Maybe my co-workers would put on a sticker to match me. I can’t feel the Mel. in there it but it showed up on the scans. But because I can’t feel it then I can’t tell if anything is happening with it. 2rounds of Pembro and awaiting start of TVEC. The swollen lymph nodes behind my ear feel like they are getting smaller but no official measurements yet.

Staci, I’m in the same boat with TVEC (haven’t started yet). I knew that it would be 2-3 months after the start of Pembro but now I’m not sure if they will stop pursuing TVEC because I seem to possibly be responding to Pembro.

2018 is a new year!

Thanks Tex!  I love the upbeat attitude and really appreciate you sharing your experience as I will be starting treatments within the next month.  Have a great weekend and keep fighting!

Appreciate you posting, Tex! As previously mentioned, you are practically on the same Pembro round/schedule as my husband, so it's helpful to hear how you are doing. When he goes to UCLA for his infusion on Monday, John will also get his first SD-101 tumor injection. This is a clinical trial and we have no idea what to expect. Keep up the high spirits. Onward!

The SD-101 sounds really interesting! I researched it a little after I read your post (and I have a hunch Bubbles has a link to all published info about it.) I hope everything goes smoothly for him on Monday and he tolerates both of the treatments really well! Take care and let me know how it goes, I am now "off" for the next 2 weeks except for labs. 



HI Tex,

John woke up this morning with chills/fever/headache following his Keytruda/SD-101 treatments yesterday. Twelve hours later, his temp is back to normal and no headache, but still experiencing intermitten chills. Hopefully, tomorrow is better. One day at a time, right. Hope you're back to your normal self. ~ Carol


Thanks for the update Tex. What are you listening to when you crank that volume up to 10 :) 

sounds like good progress. Keep us posted. 


Hi Julie!

This time around it was Guns n Roses, "Welcome to the Jungle" on repeat but they were able to complete all three injections before it played for the third time. Being a teenager in the late 80s and ealry 90s I still listent to those bands quite a fact we got to see them play about 3 months ago (and Slash is back!) in San Antonio. I hope all is well with you!



Welcome to the Jungle always a good song to turn the volume up :)

Oh Hell Ya! i love hearing more & more good stuff about Keytruda, well, Pembro i should be calling it, as Tex already knows, im fixin' to "hopefully" take my first cycle after Nov 15th! Pembro seems to be AMAZING! Tex has been so freakin' supportive to me & i can only beg his tumors to shrink, and or shring to nothing! thanks for the idea Tex about bring in my headphones, i have a bitchen playlist with Warrior songs!,  Henry Rollins{Rollins Band}, & my favorite,  Suicidal Tendencies! both singers have great lyrics, my Fighting lyrics! "Feel Good" hits!...Warriors Unite!.....

Im Melanoma and my host is Mike..

Big Mike!

Y'all help me quite a bit too my friend! This board and the people on it have been a huge source of inspiration and courage for me. I'm really glad you are getting everything rolling and will be waging war soon! I also hope you are enjoying the weekend and taking it easy, just enjoying life! I appreciate the well wishes and I pray for you too buddy. Get that playlist ready, soon you will take the fight to the enemy with full force!



Wanted to add to the Pembro thread. I’m 2weeks into my second dose and I’m starting to have an arthritis feeling in my joints (as if I played 4quarters of flag football yesterday). I’ve let my Oncologist know about it so All is good. Just wanted to post this in case anyone else is getting this (minimal) side effect.

2018 is a new year!

Hey Moving, 

What did your doc have to say about the joint pain? Are they going to prescribed steroids or anythign to mitigate this or just watch and wait? I seems like this is a common SE with the PD-1 blockers and I'm wondering if I'll be dealing with it also in the future. 



Hey Tex, As far as the mild arthritis feeling, my Oncologist and I are going to watch it for now. We also think it may be the reason my LDH was higher at the last blood draw (that would be good news because it would mean that my LDH was higher due to a side effect and not due to increased tumors).

2018 is a new year!