Prayers for you all !

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Christie K
12/4/2018 12:15am
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Hello ,  I just wanted to let all the members of this community know that I am keeping you in my prayers and praying for you daily . I came across this forum as I was looking things up about melanoma . My 19 year old daughter had gone in for a full body scan and had 3 moles biopsied and doctor seemed concerned and of corse I was panicking and researching during the 2 week wait for the results.  Ended up just being mildly atypical and a moderately atypical Moles , so just have to go back for the moderate and get a little more taken out and stitches.  But I wanted to just say you are all positive and helpful on this site and I wish all the best for you all in your treatments and NED for the rest of your life . I hope you have a blessed holiday season with your family’s and friends ! Prayers for you all !!

Christie K

Christie K

Raco - (12/5/2018 - 11:18am)

thank you Christie for your thoughts and prayers, appreciate them.

Also I wish you and you daughter best of luck