Pre-scan anxiety

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3/1/2011 6:03pm
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I guess I'm just looking for support.

I don't know my original path report by heart, but I was dx in may 2009. I was pregnant at the time so I had to wait 4 weeks to find out what stage I was. 12 days after I had my son I had the WLE and SNB. They found cancer in a node in my neck. Had 2nd surgery a month and a half later where they removed the rest of the nodes came back clear. After all was said and done I was stage 3.

I have had a scan since then and it was clear, but I've been in constant pain at the surgery site (left neck and shoulder). I've been taking ultram for it but the pain is making me paranoid. I guess it's just Pre-scan anxiety, but I'm really freaked out that they are going to find something on Thursday.
I have been very positive until this last week.

Any encouraging words, support, or your experiences are welcome and appreciated

RMcLegal - (3/1/2011 - 9:10pm)

Don't know if this helps, but the "scanxiety" never really ends no matter how many times you're scanned.  I was diagnosed Stage IIIc in 2003, underwent biochemotherapy, and have since racked up seven-plus years of "no worries" checkups and scans.  But I'm still scared each and every time.  Hang in there.  I've blogged about the good stuff and funny stuff in being a patient at  Best wishes to you.

NancyGM - (3/1/2011 - 9:31pm)

I had lymph node dissection of my right neck region and nerve damage has caused me to have lack of full mobility and a lot of discomfort in shoulder and neck.

I get scanxiety, too.That last week before a scan I am kind of a pain to live with! I have been NED at stage IV for 3 years and the  only thing I have found that helps is to remain as distracted as possible and to remember that some folks here are responding well to treatments.

I wish you the best on Thursday. Hopefully, you won't have to wait long for results. Hugs!


Your anxiety is normal for most of us.  Like many I've ridden the "rails" on so many MRI's and CT's that I know techs by name, kikds, and marital status.  Yet one think remains constant and that's the natural reaction to upcoming scans and the wait for resutls.

I'm not an expert on post surgical scars, adhesions and pains, but from what others said that's what I would suspect.  In any event call your surgeon's office for a check.

Jerry from Cape Cod

It's about kickin' Melanoma's butt!

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Ohdearjessica - (3/2/2011 - 4:40pm)

Thanks for the responses!

I have bloodwork and a visit with my oncologist right after I have my scan. I'm not sure if he will have the results right away or I have to wait. Waiting is the worst part. Last time I had bloodwork he had the results immediately. I forgot what happened last time I had a scan.

I have been taking anti-anxiety meds the past few days. Tomorrow is the day so hopefully I'll be able to relax after. In any case, I know that no matter what happens I have super supportive friends and I'd be able to get through anything with them! And of course my wonderful son. He's still too little to understand any of this, but I can count on his hugs when I'm feeling down

KRob - (3/3/2011 - 8:39pm)

I think you found the answer to your original question/concern. First, share with those who understand what you're feeling; secondly, receive love and support from those who love you the most.

Hope all went well and your stress is gone.



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