Pregnancy after melanoma

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11/13/2017 10:27am
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What is your opinion on the pregnancy after melanoma (stage IIIa specifically). A friend of mine had melanoma diagnosis 3.5 years ago and they found micrometastasis in two sentinel lymph nodes. There is info concerning melanoma diagnosis (stage I and II) during preganancy but almost no info regarding influence of pregnancy on the outcome after melanoma diagnosis.

I would appreciate any information



mynas - (11/17/2017 - 6:11pm)

Hi TP,

My friend had melanoma on her shoulder 1.5 year ago, doctors took it away and found no metastasis in sentinental lymph nodes. We thought that everything is fine, but half year ago she got pregnant and after 4 weeks she felt that there is something wrong with her lymph nodes. She went to doctor and they discovered that she had metastasis there. After another 4 weeks she had to go to abortion to take the cures and by that time, the metastasis were already in lungs and also in brain. Doctors said that maybe hormone changes in her body because of pregnancy rapidly started growth of tumors. I know this is the answer you don`t want to hear, but I believe that in your friend`s case it should be fine. 3.5 years is a long time and I think if there was some cancer left in body, It would show up to this day. Hopefully it is totally gone now. 

I wish her good luck,