"Problematic and interesting" Pathology Report

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4/21/2014 8:52pm
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Hi All -


I had a mole on my stomach , of about six years, removed last month (I am 28). After more than 3 weeks of not hearing back on the path report, I assumed no news was good news. I finally heard from my dermatologist that it came back positive for melanoma. 

I am waiting for my scheduleed appointment with an oncologist, but did see my pathology report. It took so long because the lab actually consulted with another doctor on the pathology slides for help interpreting. The second consultation saw no vascular invasion, but noted that it was an "unusual" melanoma and noted to the lab "thank you for forwarding this problematic and interesting" case. 

Of course I can't help but get nervous with that wording! Has anyone had a similar experience? I am assuming that it is great there is no vascular invasion, but it's hard not to get anxious hearing a doctor call you "problematic..." 

I am meeting with a few oncologists - surgery, dermatology, and medical oncologist - at the request of the specialosr. We'll discuss treatment, get my (third) consultation, and schedule additonal surgery, but I would love to hear any similar stories.






It's not all that unusual for a lab to get a second opinion.  Some places to it routinely, others not as often.  Without actually seeing the 'problematic and interesting' path report, it's really hard to comment more. 

Anonymous - (4/22/2014 - 4:25am)

What I think: "Problematic" in this context seems to be science langiage. The lab people are no clinicians so they will not see you or your condition. What maybe was problematic to them was the interpretation of this slide but not necessarily your whole case. For them your case it just a mole they got to interpret.