PV-10 Ulceration

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12/4/2017 11:26pm
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Hey Warriors!!

I hope you are all staying in the fight and living life as well as you possibly can!

I wanted to give y'all a quick update on the PV-10 progression so far. I received my most recent (the 3rd) treatment on the 21st of November (another 15mls of PV-10 and another round of Pembro). 2 days ago (so 9 days after the last intralesional injection) the tumor site began to ulcerate in two spots. At first, it was just a few drops of PV-10 (and maybe some blood), but when I woke up this morning it was game on! Completely saturated the 5x9" gauze bandage and I've had to change it twice today (soaked through and into my work this afternoon...can you imagine the task of getting a known clothing dye out of a light colored shirt!!).

Now my cursory understanding, of the very preliminary data, regarding PV-10 is that this is a good thing. Finally an application for ulceration in Melanoma that isn't bad! The treatment team says this will likely continue until everything has drained at which point either the necrotic tumor will try to expel itself or they will need to remove it (yes, gross, I know but the only good tumor is a dead tumor!) I suspect I have a little way to go since I've had 3 rounds of injections (15mls each) so that's 45mls of this pretty purple tumor punisher that has been injected. I assume I've absorbed and "processed" several mls thus far, but it still leaves a lot to go. At the risk of nauseating everyone, I'll post an update in a few more days to let you know how this is unfolding. 

One interesting thing about this, I don't need a scan to tell me something is going on or not...something is definitely going on. Whether this is a good, great, or just a messy thing...time will tell. I have to say, I remain optimistic that this is a decisive battle being won, even if only in one location on the battlefield. 

I keep all of you Warriors in my prayers, that you stay strong, stay calm, and as we would often say in the Army..."Charley Mike" (translated =  Continue Mission!)

Until the next installment. 


iskitwo - (12/5/2017 - 11:28am)

Always good to see some results...even messy ones! Keep up the fight!!

stacijane - (12/5/2017 - 9:03pm)

Even messy progress is progress!

Anonymous - (12/8/2017 - 6:13am)

'Pretty purple tumor punisher' LOL that's classic just a great turn of phrase. Good to hear it's doing it's job, thanks for the update. You know I'm a fan, Tex. I just love the way you word things.  You are in my prayers too!

ed williams - (12/9/2017 - 9:59am)

Hi Tex, put up some good images next time, so that others can understand the journey. Best Wishes!!!Ed 

TexMelanomex - (12/10/2017 - 12:16am)

Hey Warriors!

Quick updatge. So the ulceration came to a halt a few days ago...or did it? Today it was rock and roll, right back to a whole lotta drainage. I'm the reason the local Walgreens needs to restock gauze on a more frequent schedule. This is really interesting, I mean I think this is good, and having this bad boy drain creats a lot of pain relief. Not sure if the tumor loaded with PV-10 was pushing on nerves or what but as this drains the pain reduces signficantly (it burns and stings a little but not much of the aching pain anymore). 

Ed: Not sure you guys really want to see the process but PV-10 is a pretty cool color. Brightest violet before becoming almost black. Rose Bengal will always a special place in my heart.

Anon: I'm pretty sure you aren't "Anon"...thanks!! Just the way I talk I suppose...Its a hybrid of too much formal educaiton and Texas hillbilly...I reckon. 

Round 4 coming up on Tuesday...not looking forward to the Pembro "flu" but looking forward to putting the hurt to the Mellanoma...so bring on the chills/shakes/aches. Any fellow Warriors going to be at MDA this week?? I'm going to try a new strategy this round...after I get cleared to leave I'm going to break North and try to get home before the effects hit. Last time it came on about 6 hours after treatment (fastest yet) rather than stay in Houston and wake up broke down and then drive the 3 hours. Racing the Pembro!! 

Hope you are all doing well and wish I could give you all NED status for Christmas!! Charley Mike!