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4/15/2018 8:24am
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i am 44 years old. I  very active mole checker and have been doing monthly checks for the last 2 years for my moles. I have dysplastic mole on my back which hasn't changed in the last 2 years but today I was going through my wedding photos and realised that the mole wasn't there in 2009 (age 35) at all. So I've developed this s mole between then and 2014 - it's on photos from then.


in that time I had 2 children. I physically was ill when I came across the photo this morning  and I can't look at my children without crying. I'm beside myself. I will try and get in with the dr tomorrow to get a referral. 


Anyone with a similar ecperience? This mole hasn't scabbed, itched or bled ever. But it's a good size

im just beside myself 


thanks for reading 

casagrayson - (4/15/2018 - 10:24am)

Take a deep breath and slow down here.  We get new moles throughout our lives.  Does this one look really different from the rest?  Is it an "ugly duckling"?  Does it look significantly different from pictures in 2014?  If none of these are true, you probably have absolutely nothing to worry about.  Get it checked for your own personal sanity, of course, but in the meantime please don't panic.  

Strength and Courage,


Anonymous - (4/15/2018 - 11:26am)

ThNks for responding. It's definitely a dysplastic mole so it's a little different looking. Pink with some darker freckles around it, but in that vicinity I have light freckles with a darker freckle so similar concept. I can't see the specifics from 2014 photo but seems same size. It definitely hasn't changed at all In Color size and shape etc since march 2016. So two years the same.

yes I need to calm down. I'm so afraid of melanoma are most I guess. 

Kav7438 - (4/15/2018 - 11:44am)

In saying that if you looked at my back as a whole it doesn't stand out but on closer inspection it's different if that makes sense 

SOLE - (4/19/2018 - 8:48am)

Dear Anon,

I would just like to tell you to hang in there and give you a little perspective if I can. I, too, worry everyday about my moles. I have a few hundreds. They started growing more about a year or two before my diagnosis in July 2016. So since that time in July, I have had new ones showing up pretty much every where. And I think to myself: is this normal to get so many in so little time? the derm I see has no opinion on the matter. But it is extremely difficult to see those begnin lesions appear one after one. Hang though and get your whole body photographed. That will help you relax knowing there is a dedicated team looking at you more thoroughly