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11/6/2017 7:58am
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I posted about my dad last year and we’ve been down a long road since then.

Briefly: We in U.K. He is 70yrs old. Nodular Mel on tight forearm. Clark level 5 - at least 6mm deep. Had WLE July 2016. By December 2016 large underarm lump. Had complete lymphadectomy March 2017. 22 out of 22 nodes found with Mel, mostly necrotic and matted together. Mitotic rate - 31 (as high as i’ve Read about). Due to mass they couldn’t get clear margin and seems Mel had already infiltrated pectoral area. 

So sure enough new mass found in scan at collar bone. No surgery possible so started Keytruda September. He’s just had 4th infusion and side effects are getting progressively worse. After this one couldn’t get out of bed - really dizzy & sick. Taking longer each time to recover. 

It feels like i’m watching him go and i’m getting more pessimistic about his chances every time I see him. My question - I don’t know - is it poss to get good outcome from Keytruda with such aggressive mel?

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Anonymous - (11/6/2017 - 10:38am)

Whilst Keytruda can have multiple side effects, dizziness and sickness are rather rare.Have you talked to his oncologists could it be due to a disease progression or some other medical issue instead or combination ?Just wondering.