Question about pimple by the mole

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4/4/2012 3:08pm
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I just had a full skin check done last month, everything came out looking well.  Today i noticed on my left shoulder something that i can only describe a pimple or clogged sebaceous gland next to a mole.  Mole itself is even in color but a bit distorted due to obvious pimple like pathology in the area.  Should i have it checked out asap or apply neosporin and wait a few days?

3/26/12 was my last full body check, i should state. 

In general, things that basically look benign probably are.  And things that might be temporary (pimple), I like to give them a chance to heal on their own.  My derm has a 6 week rule.  If it's not better/gone by then, make an appointment.  I am more likely to re-evaluate in 2 weeks.  If things look like they are improving, I wait longer and recheck later.  If things appear to be getting worse, I'll call knowing it will probably take a little time to get in.  If it looks like a pimple, it probably is.  This is what I would do.  You have to do what makes YOU most comfortable.