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2/20/2011 4:18pm
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Hi Donna, I read your reply below and was wondering about the"solaris garment".."its thick and padded kind of like an oven mitt, that you slip your foot and leg goes toes to groin".  Could you tell me where you were able to purchase it? 

I fly up from Florida for CT scan on Tuesday...stressful time.  Left groin is still swollen and the new sub-qs are still there although many of my other lesions have diminished....I'm praying hard.


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Vermont_Donna - (2/20/2011 - 9:00pm)

Hi Val,

I will research wheer I got mine (I have gotton two over the last almost 5 years) and I know I was measured for it at a medical supply store by a certified fitter...but I will get more info for you. 

My surface tumors are gone and I stil have some sub q's but they are smaller after 4 rounds of Ipi. I am praying hard that you are responding....Val it takes TIME with Ipi!!!!



ps I know I got the garments in Burlington by the way

Vermont_Donna - (2/23/2011 - 2:03pm)

Hi Val,

I googled "Solaris" products and found their website and information. Here's how to contact them or check out their site. They carry lymphadema supplies/stockings/wraps, etc. Solaris, Inc.

6737 West Washington St.
West Allis, Wisconsin 53214
Telephone: 414-918-9180

Hope this helps. I was measured by a custom fitter (a wonderful lady) for both my solaris garments and the compression stockings, and they ordered them, had me go in for a fitting when they arrived (VERY IMPORTANT) and basically teaches you about how to use them ,care for them etc. I have had to go in periodically for new garments * at least yearly of if you gain/lose at lot of weight) and get re-measured. I got my products through "The Medical Store" in Burlington. I can get their number for you if you want.
Hugs, Vermont_Donna
ps how are you doing??

ValinMtl - (2/24/2011 - 9:46am)

Thank you so much Donna!!  I don't have much access to internet since I am down in Florida right now.  I plan to show this to my physio and then purchase.  My leg is bad right now due to new growths plus left groin lump is growing larger than golf ball,  Just had CT scan on Tuesday then came back down here.  Should hear within 2 weeks what they will do with me...continue ipi (I hope) bumped and have to look for another trial...etc.  I am really in limbo right now.  So happy that you seem to have responded well to ipi.  I did at first so I'm hoping this is just a hiccup.  The cutaneous growths really disappeared (largely) but the new sub-qs are something else.  I'll keep you posted.  Val

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Nothing is worth more than this day!