Question on melanoma and pregnancy

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2/5/2011 6:38pm
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HI Everyone,


I wanted to post this in hopes of getting some advice and feedback as I'm a very concerened father with a pregnant wife of 12 weeks. In August of this year my wife had a malignant melanoma removed on her arm. After having that removed she went in for her PET scan a few months later and everything came back fine. Is there any effects that could harm my wife being pregnant after having the surgery and PET scan? We have a great oncologist but it all seems to weird to say everything is okay without there being any side effects that could affect her pregnancy after the surgery and PET scan. Any info would be appreciated....



The PET scan was in August and your wife became pregnant in Nov or Dec?  I'm certain they wouldn't give a PET scan to your wife WHILE she was pregnant.  The chemicals would definitely be an issue.  However, they have a short half life and go through the system fairly quickly.  As for the surgery, pregnant women have had surgery before and I can't see any reason having surgery several months before a pregnancy would have any impact on your wife.  I know you are concerned, but I think that neither the surgery or the scan would have any lasting impact on your wife and would affect a new fetus days, weeks or months after the fact.  If the surgery had been internal where scar tissue could be a problem, then maybe more concern.  But a lesion removed from the arm is not likely to play any role otherwise.

If you have any strong concerns, then discuss them with her oncologist or OB.  They would definitely be more familiar with all the issues in your wife's case.  But I've never seen any info about lingering effects from PET scans or surgery.  The bigger concern for me would be melanoma itself, not either of those two procedures.

Best wishes to you and your wife,


Anonymous - (2/6/2011 - 10:01am)

Hi Janner - thanks for the quick reply. I had to check records and my wifes PET scan was on Nov 12th and her conceived date was Nov 15th. We are going for a 2nd opinion as to me it really seems this is all too close together for no side effects to happen. Any thoughts with the revised dates I provided?