Questions about how forum works

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11/5/2017 9:49am
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I’m new to the forum so don’t fully know how it works. I’ve sent two emails to members here and haven’t received a response . I requested a copy be sent to me and didn’t get that either. Are the emails going to the email I registered under? Is there a special in box on the forum I don’t know about? I’ve checked spam but nothing is appearing there, not even the copies I sent. Thanks for your help.

Sadly, the individual email to members link has not worked very well, if at all, for a while.  Your experience has been shared by many of us.  Maybe reaching out to Adam Smartt (MRF's online coordinator - his emai is listed in the MRF staff page) might be something we need to do. 

My best advice in the interim is to post your questions here.  That way you will get a response...and often from multiple members who have experience with the issue you may need answers to, thereby giving even greater perspective than that you would gain through only one response.

Additionally, while you can certainly remain "anon" and that is fine - you will probably get better answers if folks know a little bit about who you are.  It is hard to answer "anon" as the rest of us have no idea what your back history is and even harder when one anon is answered by another anon, etc!!!  This does not mean you have to give personal identifying info.  Some of us are very upfront about who we are.  Others have a wide variety of reasons for which they'd rather operate otherwise.  If that is the case with might be best if you call yourself "something"...'Jane Doe'... 'ABC'...whatever works for that we can at least know who we are talking to.  But, clearly....that is up to you.  Just a thought.

I wish you well.  Celeste