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2/20/2011 3:58pm
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So, my very first meeting with Dr. Dickson at Memorial Sloan Kettering is on Friday. I am anxious for it to get here! Ready to get the show on the road!


I am trying to put together a list of questions that I make sure to ask him. I know I don't want to overwhelm him with every question under the sun, but I was wondering if there are any qustions you all wish you had asked right away. You know, the question you thought of AFTER you got home.


I figure if I have a list, I will be less nervous and the appointment will be as successful as it can possibly be.

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My best piece of advice would be to ask the Dr. if you can e-mail him any questions you have after you leave!   When I was originally diagnosed with progression my oncologist retired. I did not like his replacement and I felt as if he gave me no time at all. I wanted to go to a different hospital but I was in a trial so I had to wait it out.  However, this Dr while rushing me in the office answered every question by e-mail!!  I guess it was just his personality. 

My present melanoma specialist gives me as much time at appointments that I need.  He also e-mails when I have questions.  It's amazing the dedication these Doctors have (at least the ones I've run into).  Oncology nurses are also very special people and will help if you get home and have a question.

Make sure to have someone else with you in the room listening. Also take notes!!   If your Doctor does not have a positive attitude then you need to keep Doctor hunting!


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What Linda said about email or perhaps even a secret "batphone" # of your Dr. is a good idea.  There's always something you think of afterwards, but of course making a list before you go- even of the most innane question sort-  really helps.  

Good Luck !,  Love, Grady & Family.

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I've been trying to think about this but I'm in the deeps of chemo fog right now and barely know my name! I remember I went in with a list of questions about things I didn't understand and kept asking until I did understand. Then I also asked about treatment options depending on how things went ie. 'If it goes this way, then what are our options?'

But I really agree with everyone to form a communication link with your doctor. My onc has been wonderful about that and has always promptly answered any questions I've had via email. She has even emailed me all of the scan and lab reports so that I would have them in my files. Once she understood I was one of those patients who has to know everything, she was very supportive of that and expected me to have lots of questions about new studies etc. Keeps her on her toes!

I think you are a little bit like me and a sense of humor carries you a long way. My onc of the last 2+ years has taken a new position in Vermont and I will be getting a new doc after March. I told her at my last appt I'd do fine as long as he could handle my somewhat twisted sense of humor. She said "Well you just tell him 'This is my twisted sense of humor and you have to deal with it!'" That's why I've loved her so much! Carmon in NM

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Wanted to give you some thoughts before your appt on Friday.... 

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