radial or vertical growth

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3/29/2012 10:37am
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Hello everone!

         I was searching in internet again and found out , that melanoma with ANY Breslow thickness,even 0.1 mm ,already have vertical growth in it.

         My path report says MM Breslow 0.2 mm , vertical growth - absent, radial growth - present.

         Is it mistake in pathology ? Does anyone had the same ???

         Thank you for your support and information. It is more then 3 months since my diagnosys ,but I still worry a lot, my doctor put me on antidepressants :(  I am sorry about this post , and I know I am not in the worst place to be with my pathology ,but I just cant help myself worrying.

I am checking my every freckle and all seems a new melanomas for me. I think I am going mad.

Janner - (3/29/2012 - 10:58am)

In general, the statement is correct.  Most every lesion with a depth has vertical growth.  But more recent study has indicated that some moles exist within the dermis and don't HAVE to have vertical growth even though they have a depth.  Not all pathologists even look for this.  It's not common, not always looked for, and not always spelled out.  It's not universally accepted.  If a pathology report has a depth but says nothing about growth phase, it is assumed to be vertical.  But the research that does exist shows the radial growth lesions with a depth have a prognosis more consistent with in situ than invasive melanoma.  No, your pathology isn't likely wrong and was probably done at a larger research institution. 


natasha - (3/29/2012 - 11:09am)

Thank you ,Janner!

          My pathology was done twice - second opinion in larger hospital .

          It says as well : '' The lesion is small and not all the features of melanoma are present ,but , at worst ,it is radial growth phase.''

My pathology report was very similar.  Mine was .25 mm and radial growth phase.  I recently had a wide excision and a SNB both of which were negative for addition melanoma.  I only had the SNB because my lesion had regrown in 6 mos. after a previous biopsy and my surgeon at a renowned melanoma hospital was worried and strongly recommended the SNB even though my lesion was very shallow.

natasha - (4/7/2012 - 1:20pm)

SNB is very unusual in sutuations like mine or yours. Did you have mitosis or ulceration?If not , 6 months growth period is not even a case to do SNB.

How often do you need to go to check ups?I need to go once every 3 months for 1 year.

Did your doctor explained you about radial growth and 0.25 mm?

I will see my doc for first check up after surgery in week time and I will ask him for much more information on this question.

natasha - (4/16/2012 - 5:50pm)

Today I had my first follow up appointment with Doctor after my diagnosys in January this year.

 I asked question about Breslow thickness and radial / vertical growth phases and Doc explained itis possible to have Breslow thickness in tumor and still have only gorizontal melanoma phase ,and it depends on cell's deviding in tumor. I did not understand all termnology Doc used ,but  it looks like low Breslow thickness can have only radial and not vertical growth .