Radiation Therapy to the Liver

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4/20/2017 1:58pm
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Hey guys

So my the docs told my wife she was clear of liver mets back in August.  Well it looks like the radiology dept dropped the ball because her specialist in Seattle says she has 4 in her liver.  3 are stable and 1 is actually growing.  She is currently on Keytruda every three weeks.  He said she'll continue that along with radiation treatment to the liver which is new.  What is yalls experience with that?  

Her background 

29 Years Old, Diagnosed in 2013, stage 4 liver mets. On keytruda for a year now

Spl25 - (4/22/2017 - 2:50pm)

Sorry you haven't found more experience from the board on this. I'm also worried about dealing with liver mets while on PD-1. I've heard some doctors totally opposed to SRS to the liver, but know that there are many trials examining SRS to sensitive organs. I would reach out to a second oncologist if you are worried about the treatment plan, but this doesn't sound like a bad plan.