Received good news after last scan and oncology appointment.

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8/16/2013 7:44pm
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I'm Stage 4 w/unknown primary. I've been NED for 5 years now and after latest scan, blood work and oncology appointment, my oncologist is releasing me from oncology and turning me over to my primary care physician for montoring. Only caveat is that he will be reviewing all my scans over the last 5 years and provided no abnormalities, I'm released. He did assure me that if my PC or myself had any reason to be concerned about any abnormalities, that I would be able to come back in for evaluation. I am still considered NED, and not cured, so it is still scary to know that it can return at any time. The biggest thing that weighs on my mind about this is that I had NO symptoms before my mets were discovered while checking for other issues.

This blog has been a tremendous help to keep me going this far and I thank everyone who is fighting the battle here and helped myself and others. Especially those here who have been fighting and surviving longer than myself. I will still be around on this blog to help others and share my experiences.

Congratulations on your FIVE year mark!!! Give us all hope. Curious what treatments after surgery have youreceived?
Wish you the best :)

Enjoy liffe!

I'm me, not a statistic. Praying to not be one for years yet.

Congrats on this wonderful news!

Thanks for sharing your success.  Enjoy life!

This is awesome news :)   . Thank you for sharing!!