Recurrence shown on PET

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8/7/2018 7:10pm
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Hello! I am coming here now for support and little guidance. In 2016 I was dx will 1.5mm MM on my right upper thigh, mitotic rate of 4, negative slnb. Fast forward to Dec. 2017 where I felt a small rubbery lump near the incision, bx came back scar tissue. Since the day of that biopsy a hard lump has formed in the same area. I had a PET scan Thursday and found out today the lump lit up on the PET. The whole time I was thinking it was just skin trauma from the biopsy in Dec. the oncologist said scar tissue wouldn’t light up on a PET. So back to my dermatologist who wants to excise it. If it comes back positive for MM what would the next steps be? Would this be treated as like my first MM because it’s in the same place? He said all my internal organs came back clear. Any advise would be appreciated because I am kind of alone with all this. Thank you warriors ❤️.

Lucas - (8/9/2018 - 10:20pm)

It will likely be excised with negative margins. Beyond that I believe radiation would be a good option. Because it hasn’t traveled further I don’t think systemic treatment would be considered. Sorry about the finding could still possibly be negative for recurrence.