Riding the Waves (Literally & Figuratively)

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5/19/2017 9:06am
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It has now been 6 months since my advanced melanoma diagnosis, and definitely filled with some sharp rocks - but also a calm(er) current.

After a stint in the hospital where I could barely breathe or walk upon my release in January (allergic reaction to Zelboraf), earlier this month I took a Caribbean vacation with my DH and could keep up with all the activity. (Yes, I was covered in sunscreen, a floppy hat, and UPF clothes ....when I came back, multiple co-workers said in the horror "you don't even have a tan"). 

The last 6 months have been challenging - working through 3 drug combos - but I just had my 3rd scan and am thankful for the results:  my lymph nodes are all clear!  ...Yet, there are two small "areas of activity" on my spleen that have showed up... my doctor is not too concerned about them given what appears to be a complete response, but I cannot let out a total sigh of relief.  And it seems it is not too uncommon for nodules to come up that are indeed, 'nothing.'

Nonetheless, the plan had always been to get the max benefit from BRAF pills and then move to pembro/Ketytruda for maintenance and monitoring.  So, that is where I go next... and hope this activity in the spleen is nothing or that Keytruda will nail it. 

My thoughts and support are here for everyone.

- J.

Hey, thank you for update!  you have such positive attitude.