Round #15 of Pembro in the books!

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8/9/2018 12:03pm
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Hello my mela-homies! I hope this finds all of you waging war with the heart of the fiercest Warriors! 

Just a quick update, round 15 complete, thyroid stable with 50mcgs of levothyroxine daily, and no notable change in fatigue or joint pain. Like I said before, a little battle damage sure beats the alternative! 

Next round of scans in October so I have a few months of tx as usual and it looks like we are going the full two years on Pembro even though NED now for about 3 months...I'll take that insurance policy and currently my only weapon in the arsenal. 

Please stay strong warriors, stay in this can be won.




Brother Tex! hell ya man, like folks take heart meds everyday or what not, if you {we} have to take Pembro {or what have you} every 2-3 weeks to stay alive then there it is there! good job man, yer NED is an inspiration to all of us, this crap can be BEAT!...Warrior On my Brother!!..yer SoCal pal, Mike..

Im Melanoma and my host is Mike..

Congrats Tex, I finished #18 yesterday and clean scans today.


Congrats to yer #18 Bill! haha, our infusions are like lil Birthday MileStones, and if were "still" doing them it must be working, and if its working, we'll continue to do them...{did i just go in a circle?}...

Im Melanoma and my host is Mike..

Love that "NED for 3 months"....may it last for a zillion!!!  Pembro for a bit more. You got this!!!  Love, c

Wishing NED forever for you!

Amie Taylor

so happy to hear everything is going so well!  I'm also NEd for 3 months now and next scans will be coming up soon!  We can win this war!

Stacijane, congrats on NED, I’ve been wondering how you made out going to Buffalo.


Congrats on NED Keep up the good fight!!